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➴All player characters must find some form of employment during their time on Pathéma, unless they plan on not being able to buy anything while they are there. They are welcome to find employment at a native business such as shops in the market. Characters can also be employed at certain island government departments such as the library, the museum or the hospital. In addition, there are many opportunities for characters to build or expand businesses on the island.

➴We require that any new business on the island be mod approved. To apply for a business, please follow the directions below.

➴To apply for a job at an existing business, please contact the appropriate player either directly or by replying to the [community profile] pathemainfo post for that business. Once you have been accepted, fill out the Business Taken Form and post it below to have your new employment added to the Business page.

➴To apply for a character's new business, copy the business application below and email us at: with the subject reading: [BUSINESS APPLICATION]


Email this to the mods first!

Things to keep in mind pertaining to new businesses:

➴We do ask that characters be in the game for at least two months before applying to start a business on the island. This normally gives them time to make connections, earn money, and get a feel for the island. Characters can be in the game for any length of time if they're inheriting an already established business.

➴Please try not to make too many businesses of the same nature. We are aware that it is perfectly normal for a city to have more than one or two restaurants but we do not need thirty of them in the game. Business applications can and will be denied if we feel the island can not support another of that type run by collared individuals.

➴Try ad get together with other players and carefully plan your business before applying and maybe come up with prospective partners and or employees. It helps both you and us if there's already interest and support in the business both ICly and OOCly.

Once your business has been approved, you must complete a Business Info Form for it and post it to [community profile] pathemainfo. After that's done, just fill out the Business Taken Form and post it in the comments below so we can add your business to the Business Directory. Once you have posted both of those forms, your business is official and you may profit!

Business Info Form

Post this form to [community profile] pathemainfo.


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