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This game is 18+ for both PLAYERS and CHARACTERS

  • Due to the nature of the game, sexual themes will be omnipresent on the island.
  • Characters that are canonically between the ages of 16 to 18 can be aged up, though it must be specified and explained in the ‘Suitability’ section of the character’s application.
  • There is NO EXCEPTION to this rule when it comes to players, however. Failing to respect this rule will end up with a permanent ban from the game.

Baseball system

  • In short, three strikes and you’re out. Should a player not follow the rules or etiquette of the game, they will be warned about their behavior and asked to correct it two times. The third time, they will be asked to leave the game permanently.
  • Major disruptive behavior within the game or with fellow players will end up with a permanent ban from the game, without any warning. We want this game to feel safe for everyone. Harassment or disrespect of players or mods will not be tolerated at any time.

Stay In Character

  • This is self-explanatory. While characters do change and grow while placed in games, we expect players to stick as close as canon as possible.
  • Constructive criticism may be given if fellow players have concerns about changes to a character that seem out of character. We expect players to take into account CC given by their peers, and to exchange opinions and interpretations in a civil manner.
  • Failure to stay in-character, to heed advice from fellow players and mods in form of constructive criticism may result in a strike, or in eviction from the game if the canon and the character played cannot be reconciled.

No Godmoddning, no infomodding are allowed.

  • Player knowledge does not equate character knowledge. It goes for game info and information on other characters in the game. Any knowledge a character has about the island, or about another character in game, it must have been obtained ICly, or off-screen with player permission of said character.
  • Be mindful to leave freedom of choice and action to players with whom you are roleplaying. Taking control of their characters, unless agreed upon by said player prior to the action, is considered god-modding, and will not be tolerated in game.
  • Continuous issues with players failing to abide by this rule will be removed from the game.
Breaking the 4th Wall

    Breaking the fourth wall is at the discretion of each player - basically, each player gets to decide if they’re willing to allow their characters to be confronted with another character having knowledge of the character and/or their canon information. Please be sure to check with your fellow players on this one and respect their decisions. If this turns out to be an issue, the fourth wall will not be something that is allowed to be broken so again, be mindful of your fellow players.

Pregnancy, Rape, Murder and Drugs

    All plots involving pregnancy, rape, murder and/or drugging of any kind must be agreed upon by all the players involved - and if necessary get mod approval. When in doubt always ask the mods.


  • We all know that there are times when we need a break due to some reason or another. So of course, players can take a hiatus but they are required to let the mods know via a comment on the hiatus page. If you can't make the hiatus comment yourself, another player can make it for you if need be. Please be aware that indefinite hiatuses are not allowed but we will do our best to work with you if a long term hiatus is needed.
  • An extended hiatus can be arranged but you would need to contact the mods and let us know what's going on. These are determined on a case by case basis.
  • Abuse of the hiatus policy is not allowed and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

    We, of course, know that drops are going to happen. We just ask that you announce it on the official drop page.

Activity Check

    AC is super easy here! We request a minimum of:

    • 1 log thread with 4 comments from your character


    • 1 network thread with 8 comments from your character

    Activity checks will go up on the 1st of each month and last 7 days.

    Note: Backtags are allowed for AC, as long as the thread is not more than two AC periods old.


Play Nice

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you by chance you know you aren't going to play well with those in the game - just don't even bother applying. We expect you to respect your fellow writer, mods and yourself! In return, you'll get the same thing!
  • We don't really have a set way to deal with complaints as we believe each case is different and will need to be dealt with differently. In the case you have a moment you could have characters taken from you, or even banned. Please don't even attempt to see how far you can push us, because though we like to think we're fair - we have a pretty low tolerance when it comes to wanky drama llama moments.
  • Do NOT take wanky Internet drama onto our board! If you have a problem with someone here - leave that someplace else. We do NOT want to deal with it. Yes, we know that there will be the occasional OOC disagreement, but this does not mean you can go and drag everyone into some Internet drama war! Doing this shows complete disregard for our board and this will result in an automatic banning.
Player Disputes
  • We the Mods do not want to be harassed because your character is not getting their way.
  • Sometimes your character won't get what or who they wanted! Sometimes other characters might be mean to yours for no good reason! We remind you this is a game! Some characters are just plain nasty but it doesn't mean their writers are like that as well. It's really not a personal attack against you, it's just the way things play out sometimes. This happening does not give you permission to have a moment!!
  • If players have disputes with one another we encourage them to try and settle them among themselves via IM or PM or email. If, however, players are not comfortable with this option, they are always free to contact the moderators and let them know of the issue.
  • Legitimate complaints will of course always be heard!


  • You many app two (2) character per app round but the character limit is currently six (6) per player. More may be apped but this depends on a player's activity level and will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Characters are first come first serve. There will be no app challenges.
  • You may app characters that are not human, but they will take on more humanoid appearance while in the game. Please look at our FAQ for further elaboration.
  • Characters must be 18 to be in the game. If your character is under 18, they cannot be canonly younger than 16 and must be aged up to 18 to be considered.

Most of all: HAVE FUN!