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Name:Pathéma Mods
Pathéma: that which befalls one, i.e. a suffering, a passion.

Pathéma an adult panfandom RPG

What happens when Gods get jealous?

For years, Atia reigned over her island, growing her powers through the sexual worship of the Natives of this world, and the collared people she abducted from their world. And for years, Eros watched from his own corner, envious of the powers Atia gained, without the chance to intervene. But when in a fit of rage Atia sent off her collared people back to their world, Eros saw a chance he could not ignore.

Building his own island and using most of his powers to create a means to bring collared guests to his temple, he demands the same kind of worship his cousin had, in order to grow his powers back, and build a better life anyone could wished for on the island of Pathema. All he needs now is the collaboration of his collared guests…

What are you willing to do to survive?


Pathema is a type of ‘sex or die’ structured musebox, set as a spin-off of the game [community profile] amatomnes. Characters come to the island of Pathéma to worship Eros, God of love, through performing sexual acts in order to keep their collar loose, and to keep breathing air.

For some, this island may be the paradise they were looking for. For others...not so much...
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